Have You Checked Your Credit? You should!

If you are thinking about buying a home, then the first thing you need to put on your To-Do list is to check your credit.

Did you know…

Your rate when getting a mortgage is based on your credit score. While you may be able to get a loan with a bad credit score, you will will get a better rate if you can improve your score before you apply for your mortgage. When it comes to a mortgage, a fraction of a percentage can add up over time.

A whopping 30% of people need credit repair when they apply for a mortgage! There are a lot of lenders who offer credit repair programs and advice if you want to buy a home and want to get the best rate when you are approved for your loan!

If you are worried about your credit score, or are not sure what to do with your money to improve your score, call me and I can connect you with the right advisor.

Heather E. Towe, Realtor®
561-806-8550 | heather.towe.gmail.com
Licensed to Sell Real Estate in Florida

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